Top 5 Ways to Increase Nutrient Intake

Nutrients are substances the body uses to regulate life essential functions such as: hormone production, the immune system, vision and energy metabolism. Without adequate levels of essential nutrients, the cannot function optimally. Certain nutrients also lower disease risk and improve overall health. For example, fiber reduces cholesterol and cancer risk

Is it bad to eat the same thing every day?

There’s a vast and almost endless supply of food available to us Westerners, both in terms of quantity and variety. With so much to choose from, why are many of us stuck eating the exact same thing every day? When describing a healthy diet, the term “balanced” is thrown around

What are empty calories?

There are two separate issues when dealing with calories: weight management and overall health. The number of calories you eat is the sole factor in determining whether your weight goes up, down or stays the same. The types of calories you eat however, will have an impact on your overall

Top 5 Reasons to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

1. Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage. If you’re looking to reduce your body fat percentage, eating too much sugar will move you away from your goal. Sugar is digested very quickly which leads to a huge surplus of energy that your body has to deal with in a very short

How do I gain weight?

I want to gain weight (muscle). How many calories should I eat daily? Is there anything I shouldn’t eat? What are “empty calories”? It is impossible to give specific advice without knowing more details (ie…height, weight, body fat %, exercise routine, etc…), so I will just lay out some general