Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

1. Use Smaller Plates. If you’re used to using a big plate at dinner and filling it up to the rim, you’re taking in way too many calories. Instead, use smaller plates so that when you fill it up to the rim, you won’t be eating as much. You can also eat a lower calorie filler food such as a salad before the main coarse. That way, you’ll be a lot less hungry when it’s time to eat the main course.

2. Eat More Fiber, Less Sugar. Certain foods contain ingredients that will actually help you eat less. Fiber is a perfect example; it slows down the digestion and absorption process so that you feel full for a longer period of time. If you feel full for 2 hours instead of 1, you won’t go for an extra snack or meal and you’ll eat less throughout the day. Foods high in fiber include 100% whole wheats (bread/pasta), oats, brown rice and beans. There are also foods that can make you hungrier. Foods that are made mostly out of refined white flour and sugar (soda, fruit juices, whole bread/pasta) get digested relatively quickly leaving you hungry and eating more.

3. Low Fat Foods. While fat alone won’t contribute to an excessive calorie intake, eating low fat version of foods will help you substantially cut down. Fat contains 9 calories per gram while carbs and protein only have 4 calories per gram. Cutting out 10 grams of fat will save you 90 calories, (versus 40 calories if you cut out 10 grams of protein or carbs) more than twice what cutting out the same amount of carbs or protein will save. Low fat dairy, meats and snacks are out there and will help you lose weight.

4. Smaller meals. Cutting down on the amount of calories you take in per meal is a great way to reduce your overall calorie intake. You can still eat the same total number of meals in a day as long as you make each of them smaller. Instead of having 4 eggs and 4 slices of bacon, have 2 of each. Instead of having a whole bagel, have half. Instead of 10 cookies in one sitting, eat five.

5. Watch Liquid Calories. Liquid calories can add up really quick. They’re easy to take in and you usually don’t realize how much you’re actually drinking. A typical serving of juice, soda or milk is 8 ounces. Measure that out once and see how little that actually is. Most people consume 16-20 ounces of soda or juice at a time which is basically pure sugar. Liquid calories get digested quick and don’t make you full.

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