New Year’s Resolutioners Gym Etiquette Guide

It’s been referred to as the gympocalypse; the beginning of the year when resolutioners join the gym en masse. Having a solid resolution and being serious about change is commendable, and joining a gym is a great way of doing so. Due to the large influx of new members in

Holiday Weight Gain

The Holiday Season isn’t known for the healthy environment it creates. Three plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, plus dessert has to go somewhere. Surely these calorie dense options lead to weight gain, but is unwanted holiday weight gain really as big of a problem as everyone makes it

All Things Vegetarian

I had my last piece of meat in November 2013; it was a Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald’s. It probably wasn’t the best “last meal” but it was still pretty good either way. Since then, I’ve tried a lot of meat-less recipes, meat alternatives and other plant-based foods; some were delicious, others

Ken’s Diet and Fitness Progress (with pictures)

Since September 2013, I’ve been chronicling my diet and fitness progress with the help of numbers, graphs and pictures. I regularly keep track of my calorie intake, body weight, body fat percentage and strength numbers in the gym (squats, deadlift and bench press). About once a month, I analyze relationships

Weight Gainers are a Waste of Money

Before I started working out and eating (relatively) healthy, I was a skinny 18 year old weighing [almost] 120 pounds. Once I started lifting weights, I got obsessed with ditching my skinny look and gaining some weight. An early tool I relied on were weight gainers which are loaded with

Things That Annoy Me – #5: People Who Don’t Follow Basic Gym Etiquette

The gym brings together people with different backgrounds, perspectives and goals. While we don’t need to agree on what the best workout routine is (because there is no such thing), or which diet friendly foods taste best (hummus), we should all follow a few basic rules while working out to

Secrets of Diet/Exercise – Secret #5: There’s no Such Thing as the ‘Best’ Exercise Routine

Best is defined as, “the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality” and when it comes to working out, everyone thinks their approach is the most excellent or effective. With an almost endless amount of workout routines to choose from, one of them has to be the best, right?