The Calorie Project – Update 3: How Calorie Intake & Energy Expenditure Affect Body Weight, Body Fat %, Strength and Appearance

When I first started The Calorie Project, my ultimate goal was to gather enough data in order to analyze the relationship between calorie intake, energy expenditure, weight and body fat. Fully understanding these relationships would allow me to gain, lose or maintain weight more precisely without having to guess the

Update 2 – How Calorie Intake Affects Body Weight, Body Fat %, Strength and Appearance

At the end of September, I published the first update on how calorie intake affected my body weight, body fat percentage and physical appearance. As promised, I now have some more data to share, a few new relationships to analyze (energy expenditure and strength) and of coarse, some more progress

Update 1 – How Calorie Intake Affects Weight & Body Fat Percentage

Before smartphones and apps, counting calories was tedious. I started counting calories back in 2006 using Excel Spreadsheets. In mid-2012, I found an app called MyFitnessPal which made counting calories “fun.” Instead of using spreadsheet functions, I could simply scan a bar code, enter the serving size and let the