Top 5 Reasons to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Top 5 Reasons to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

1. Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage. If you’re looking to reduce your body fat percentage, eating too much sugar will move you away from your goal. Sugar is digested very quickly which leads to a huge surplus of energy that your body has to deal with in a very short period of time. If you don’t burn this energy off right away, your body will most likely store it as fat for later use.

2. Lose Weight. Though sugar alone won’t cause you to gain weight, eating too much of it will help you increase your calorie intake throughout the day. Sugar is digested very quickly. If you eat 300 calories worth of sugar, you’ll be a lot hungrier, a lot sooner than if you had eaten 300 calories of a food low in sugar. Sugar doesn’t not keep you satisfied for very long.

3. Sugar Crash. If you’re eating sugar to give yourself energy, try something else (sleeping more, eating complex carbs). Eating sugar will give you an initial rush of energy followed by a crash. The crash is the result of your body overcompensating and pushing too much sugar out of your blood. When all that sugar leaves your blood, you crash which makes you feel sleepy.

4. Empty Calories. Foods that are high in sugar are typically empty calories. They’re only filled with sugar and lack the nutrients your body needs to properly function such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Cutting these foods out of your diet will lower the amount of sugar you take in but increase these healthy nutrients your body needs.

5. Cavities. Eating too much sugar can also cause cavities. Can you think of anything more fun than going to the dentist on a Sunday morning to get your tooth drilled and filled? Don’t forget about your oral health.

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