What are the health effects of Daylight Saving Time?

Daylight Saving Time

Question: Every year I dread when March rolls around and I have to set my clock forward an hour. I wake up miserable and groggy for the entire week until I get used to the new time. I can’t imagine any of this is healthy. Does Daylight Saving Time have

Should I eat less carbs later in the day?

Hey Jeff, While this type of diet does work for some people, I don’t think it is necessary for most of us. Remember, carbohydrates are the main energy molecule for our body, so depriving ourselves of this for the majority of the day can have some deleterious effects. I believe

Do weight loss plateaus happen?

Is it true that you can reach a point in a diet plan that the body stops losing weight and you have to increase exercise to get past the plateau? -Larry D. Larry, there is definitely a point where you may need to begin exercising in order to live a

Can I eat as much healthy food as I want?

I was wondering, as long as I eat only healthy foods, does that mean that I can eat as much as I want? -Cheryl Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the question. This type of question seems to pop up fairly frequently. (Un)fortunately, the answer remains the same; I don’t think an

What is the glycemic index?

What is the glycemic index? -Steve Steve, I’m glad you asked this, since I think there are many misconceptions about this tool out there. The glycemic index was developed in the 1980’s, and is a measure of the effect that ingesting a particular type of carbohydrate has on blood sugar

What are the healthiest meats to eat?

What are the healthiest meats to eat? -Kiley Hi Kiley, Unfortunately, there is no real answer to a question like this. For the most part, it is not individual foods that are inherently healthy, it is the overall lifestyle, including diet and exercise, that can be considered healthy or not.

How can I control my hunger?

I have a very hard time keeping my eating under control, especially at night. I often wake up in the middle of the night from hunger which often results in weight gain. How can I best combat this? I already go to the gym every day and eat good amounts

What are amino acids?

protein powder

I see many advertisements for amino acids and I was wondering what they are and what they actually do. –Khloe Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. In a similar way that it takes many individual bricks to build a wall, it takes many individual amino acids to “build”

Why am I not losing any weight?

I started a diet about 6 weeks ago to lose weight. I am trying to follow a pattern of healthy eating and going to the gym 5 days a week. At the gym I jog, do uphill walking, cross training, etc. My diet consists of eating healthily, cutting out crisps/chocolates/fatty/snacks

Am I eating enough?

I am a 4’11”, adult female, and I’ve lately been eating roughly 1000 calories a day, sometimes a little over. It’s not a crash diet, I’ve just cut out the junk food and am eating healthier foods. I’ve been getting a lot of mixed signals about this, as most people