Basic Strength Training Guidelines

Strength training is the process of overloading the muscles causing strength, performance and size gains. Strength training is accomplished through a variety of means including weight lifting, body weight exercises and elastic resistance bands. A well rounded strength training routine improves health and physical appearance making it a necessity for

Top 5 Ways to be a Good Spotter

1. Listen. Get to know what kind of spot the person wants. Do they want verbal encouragement? How soon do they want you to step in and help? Are you there only encase of complete failure or do they want you to help them get a few extra repetitions in?

Top 5 Ways to Spot a Good Spotter

1. Approachable. When you’re first looking around the gym for a spotter, the person you look at needs to be approachable. If they have their headphones on and are never really talking to or acknowledging anyone, they might prefer to be left alone. 2. Strong. Are they strong enough? The


Exercise is a scary concept to some people. Does it mean running countless miles while sweating in the hot sun? Does it mean hurting yourself in the gym while trying to lift weights that are way too heavy? Maybe it’s about physically abusing your body to the point of pain.

The Best Exercise Routine

The Best Exercise Routine is made up of several elements. You have to enjoy it, it has to work, and it needs to evolve to meet your changing needs. Making a routine that combines all of these is sometimes difficult. Something you enjoy might not necessarily work too good, and