Top 5 Ways to Get Stronger

Strength comes from three main areas: healthy diet practices, solid workout routines and genetics. Since you can’t change your genetics, diet and exercise are the two areas that need attention. Through proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation, getting stronger is a very straightforward process. 1. Exercise. Your body strengthens muscles in

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

1. Keep a Workout Journal. A workout journal is the only way to make sure that your bench press is improving. Each week you should be writing down the amount of weight you’re pushing and repetitions you’ve completed for each set. Note how many repetitions you were able to do

Top 5 Ways to be a Good Spotter

1. Listen. Get to know what kind of spot the person wants. Do they want verbal encouragement? How soon do they want you to step in and help? Are you there only encase of complete failure or do they want you to help them get a few extra repetitions in?

Top 5 Ways to Spot a Good Spotter

1. Approachable. When you’re first looking around the gym for a spotter, the person you look at needs to be approachable. If they have their headphones on and are never really talking to or acknowledging anyone, they might prefer to be left alone. 2. Strong. Are they strong enough? The

Top 5 Ways to Pick a Good Workout Partner

1. Active Person. You need to pick someone who is active and likes to exercise. If you pick a couch potato, you may find yourself consuming too much energy convincing them that it’s time to exercise and not enough time making your workout better. Constantly begging your workout partner to