Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

Losing weight is as simple as following one rule: burn more calories than you eat. When you burn more calories than you eat, your body is forced to use fat stores for energy which over time, causes weight loss. The weight loss rule has two sides: how many calories you

Top 5 Exercise Mistakes Made by Beginners

Starting an exercise routine provides many benefits including weight loss, increased muscle mass, lower blood pressure and an improved self image. Unfortunately, starting a good exercise routine isn’t as easy as jumping on the treadmill and pushing start. Here are a few common mistakes made by new exercisers that are

Top 5 Ways to Get into Shape

1. Sports. Find a sport that you like. It can be tennis, basketball, football, soccer or anything that you enjoy playing. When you’re having fun, time goes by quickly and you’ll be able to exercise for longer without getting bored. It’s also a great way to meet people that share

Weight Loss: Diet vs. Exercise

Losing weight requires that you take in less calories than you burn over a prolonged period of time. Your body will then begin to use its fat stores for energy causing weight loss. Since there are two sides of this weight loss equation (calories eaten and calories burned) you can

Reduce Body Fat Through Exercise

Exercise and nutrition both play a very important role in the amount of fat stored in your body. Not all exercising will reduce your body fat equally. The type, duration and intensity of your routine will determine how effectively you lower your body fat percentage. Spot Reducing The most important

Making Your Workout More Effective

Exercising is about meeting an end goal. Whether you want to look better, lose weight or gain muscle, physical activity can help get you there. Unfortunately, some people think that reaching their goal is as easy as showing up to the gym and going home. There are some steps you

Exercising in the Cold

Winter exercise is a totally different experience than exercising in the warmer, summer months. As temperatures drop and the amount of daylight decreases, you become less and less motivated to be active while at the same time eating more warm, comfort foods. This combination can wreak havoc on your body.