Top 5 Ways to Increase Exercise Intensity

Exercise is a structured way of providing a stimulus to the body in order to improve mobility, increase strength & endurance, decrease disease risk and improve overall wellness. The threshold of what constitutes exercise differs from person to person and depends on factors such as fitness level, age, weight, health

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

1. Keep a Workout Journal. A workout journal is the only way to make sure that your bench press is improving. Each week you should be writing down the amount of weight you’re pushing and repetitions you’ve completed for each set. Note how many repetitions you were able to do

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training, commonly known as picking heavy things up and putting heavy things down has always been thought of as an activity relegated to the bodybuilders, power lifters and professional athletes of the world. Casual gym goers sometimes limit themselves to treadmills, bikes and ellipticals rather than wading through dumbbell

Top 5 Ways to Spot a Good Spotter

1. Approachable. When you’re first looking around the gym for a spotter, the person you look at needs to be approachable. If they have their headphones on and are never really talking to or acknowledging anyone, they might prefer to be left alone. 2. Strong. Are they strong enough? The

My Gym Sucks

So your gym sucks? A lot of people have this same exact problem and its a tough one. Most places require you sign a contract to join or pay a higher monthly fee if you choose not to. If you signed a contract and you’re having second thoughts, your options


Becoming active is a positive step that will improve your health and the way you look. Even exercising as little as two days per week will yield results. If working out two days per week is good, then going six or seven days should be even better. Unfortunately it doesn’t

Making Your Workout More Effective

Exercising is about meeting an end goal. Whether you want to look better, lose weight or gain muscle, physical activity can help get you there. Unfortunately, some people think that reaching their goal is as easy as showing up to the gym and going home. There are some steps you


Exercise is a scary concept to some people. Does it mean running countless miles while sweating in the hot sun? Does it mean hurting yourself in the gym while trying to lift weights that are way too heavy? Maybe it’s about physically abusing your body to the point of pain.

Motivation to Exercise

Motivation is the drive that pushes us to interact and participate with the world. Whether it is material or abstract, motivation gives us a reason to do everything. Before you even think about starting an exercise routine, you need to ask yourself why. “Why am I exercising?” If the answer

Personal Trainers

There are plenty of reasons why you should and shouldn’t get personal trainers. Being a beginner at the gym can be very confusing. All the machines probably look the same and you don’t know what to workout out today, tomorrow and the day after that. What They Do A personal