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Exercise is a scary concept to some people. Does it mean running countless miles while sweating in the hot sun? Does it mean hurting yourself in the gym while trying to lift weights that are way too heavy? Maybe it’s about physically abusing your body to the point of pain. Exercise doesn’t have to be a bad thing that you force yourself to do. It can be fun while at the same time effective.

What is exercise good for?

Exercise will improve your life in many ways but it will mainly help you look better, be healthier and live life easier. Whether you’re overweight, trying to get a leaner look or even looking to gain weight, exercise will help you burn calories, reduce your body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass giving you a better overall appearance.

If looking good isn’t enough, exercise will also help improve your overall health. Exercising on a regular basis can help you increase your bone density, lower your blood pressure and reduce dangerous body fat stores. Sure you can go to the doctor and buy prescription medications that will do all of those for you, but exercise can do it for free and usually better.

Exercise will also help you live life easier on a daily basis. Carrying heavy objects, climbing a flight of stairs or biking to save gas can all be accomplished easier if you’re on a good exercise routine.

Which routine works best?

When starting an exercise routine, it may be confusing because there are so many routines out there. The more people you talk to and ask for advice, the more routines will pop up which isn’t a bad thing.

There isn’t one routine that works better than the rest. A good routine will have elements of flexibility, cardio and strength training.

What routines are out there?

There are hundreds of routines that all claim to be the best but the truth is that all routines are pretty much the same. There are some routines that stand out. Crossfit combines strength training with cardiovascular workouts in a circuit which is a challenge for most people. Straight Health also offers free personalized exercise routines. You can also hire a personal trainer to help you out when first starting a routine.

The Bottom Line

Exercising is a good habit, it shouldn’t be something you’re afraid to do. As you start your own journey into the world of exercising, you’ll learn many ways of achieving your goals, some fun and others challenging. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll be in shape before you know it.

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