Spring Break Beach Body Diet

Spring break is right around the corner and along with the nice weather, sunny beaches and warm water is the pressure to have an attractive body. Since it’s almost here, you won’t be able to drastically change the way you look, but you will be able to make a difference

Wrong Ways to Get a Beach Body

It’s almost summer which means you’ll soon be packing your bags and heading to your favorite beach resort to soak up the sun. But before you do, you’ll need to burn off all those holiday hams, winter hot cocoas and Easter chocolate bunnies. When you’re looking for a good beach

Beach Body

Having fun during beach season is easy, just head over to anyplace where the sun is shining, sand is hot and water is flowing. All you need is a towel, pair of flip flops and a beach body you’re proud of showing off. Getting a nice beach body isn’t that

Beach Body Meal Plan

When you’re trying to get a perfect beach body, the most important step to take with your diet is cutting calories. Only by reducing your calorie intake below what you burn will your body be forced to draw upon its fat stores and give you a more toned appearance. Apart

Beach Body Exercise Plan

With bathing suit season coming up quickly, you need to get your body into shape so you can show off your washboard abs, killer legs and toned arms. To do this, you will need to combine cardiovascular exercise to burn the fat with a strength training routine to build some