Staying Healthy on a Cruise

One of the most popular activities during spring break is taking a cruise. For one price you get accommodations, fun, a tan and unlimited food. Now that spring break is here, you can finally show off that body you’ve worked so hard to perfect over the last few weeks. All

Wrong Ways to Get a Beach Body

It’s almost summer which means you’ll soon be packing your bags and heading to your favorite beach resort to soak up the sun. But before you do, you’ll need to burn off all those holiday hams, winter hot cocoas and Easter chocolate bunnies. When you’re looking for a good beach

Beach Body

Having fun during beach season is easy, just head over to anyplace where the sun is shining, sand is hot and water is flowing. All you need is a towel, pair of flip flops and a beach body you’re proud of showing off. Getting a nice beach body isn’t that

Beach Body Diet

As the months progress and the weather improves, the water temperature goes up and the sun starts to shine. All these events point to only one thing: summer. With the new season comes the need to lose your winter weight so you can look good at the beach or even

Have a Beach-Ready Body All Year Round

It’s February, the middle of a cold, dark winter. The last thing most people are thinking about is the beach, but now is that best time to start thinking about your beach body. The week before a spring break or summer cruise, everyone starts flocking to the gym for a

Top 5 Exercises for Getting a Perfect Beach Body

1. Cardiovascular Exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is the most important form of activity to getting a summer body. High intensity exercise such as running, biking and playing sports will help you burn the layer of fat that is covering your muscles so you can show them off. This will give you

How can I get a beach body quickly?

To get that perfect beach body, you need to decrease your body fat percentage by exercising more and eating less. You need to engage in both cardiovascular and strength training exercise. Cardio will help you burn a large amount of calories while strength training will help you build some muscle