Weight Loss Without Exercise, Diet Alone

Weight Loss Weight loss is supposedly simple math; if you expend more energy than you consume, you’ll lose weight. The equation doesn’t care much if you burn more, consume less, or combine both approaches. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t always perform as a simple equation, but rather a complex system which

Muscle Diet

Those looking to gain weight are told over and over again to eat all foods, all the time. If you aren’t eating you aren’t gaining, right? This is true, but if you take this advice, you’re much more likely to get fat and unhealthy rather than muscular and in shape.

Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

Losing weight is as simple as following one rule: burn more calories than you eat. When you burn more calories than you eat, your body is forced to use fat stores for energy which over time, causes weight loss. The weight loss rule has two sides: how many calories you

Starvation Mode

The basics of losing weight are fairly simple and can be summed up in one simple phrase: eat less, move more. If you do nothing but take the advice found in that phrase, you will lose weight. Unfortunately, some people take that advice to an extreme and suffer some unforeseen

Spring Break Beach Body Diet

Spring break is right around the corner and along with the nice weather, sunny beaches and warm water is the pressure to have an attractive body. Since it’s almost here, you won’t be able to drastically change the way you look, but you will be able to make a difference

The Body Fat Diet

Countless misconceptions exist on why the body stores fat: eating too much fat, eating too many carbs, not enough protein, not enough green tea or eating too late. The correct explanation is that the body stores fat when you combine an abundance of calories with physical inactivity. Eating too much

Diet for Turning Fat into Muscle

Turning fat into muscle is technically impossible. You can however burn fat and build muscle. This process isn’t as easy as using the latest fad diet or buying the most popular detox drink. It requires going on a calorie restricted diet to burn the fat and also giving your body

The Best Diet

Do you feel confused by all the dieting options out there? Don’t worry, most people have a hard time picking a diet that actually works. With all the books, web sites and infomercials, it’s hard to separate what works from what doesn’t. The truth is that all diets work in