Top 5 Worst Places to Get Diet & Exercise Information From

Making smart health decisions involves gathering good information. Unfortunately, today’s diet and exercise world are filled with unreliable sources pedaling inaccurate information to further a specific agenda (gym memberships, personal training packages or supplements). When you get information from unreliable sources, you will make bad decisions. 1. People That Look

Personal Trainers

There are plenty of reasons why you should and shouldn’t get personal trainers. Being a beginner at the gym can be very confusing. All the machines probably look the same and you don’t know what to workout out today, tomorrow and the day after that. What They Do A personal

What can a certification tell me about a personal trainer?

When shopping around for a personal trainer, there isn’t a lot of information available to base your decision off of. The most important factors that should influence your choice is the trainer’s experience and education. To become a personal trainer, you either need to have a degree or get a