Top 5 Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Fail

Change is sometimes necessary but not necessarily easy. As quickly as some resolutions are created, they are discarded and forgotten because resolutioners realize that change takes work. Creating a goal and putting a plan into action takes time and effort. Though difficult, this time and effort will eventually turn into

Top 5 Ways to Pick a Good Workout Partner

1. Active Person. You need to pick someone who is active and likes to exercise. If you pick a couch potato, you may find yourself consuming too much energy convincing them that it’s time to exercise and not enough time making your workout better. Constantly begging your workout partner to

Motivation to Exercise

Motivation is the drive that pushes us to interact and participate with the world. Whether it is material or abstract, motivation gives us a reason to do everything. Before you even think about starting an exercise routine, you need to ask yourself why. “Why am I exercising?” If the answer

Personal Trainers

There are plenty of reasons why you should and shouldn’t get personal trainers. Being a beginner at the gym can be very confusing. All the machines probably look the same and you don’t know what to workout out today, tomorrow and the day after that. What They Do A personal

Exercise Plateaus

When you first start an exercise routine, you’ll find that you improve rather quickly. Your mile time decreases and you start lifting more weights. Sooner or later this levels off and you reach a plateau. Your times and weights will start to stagnate. As you exercise, your body becomes used

Sticking To Your Exercise Routine

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise is essential. Many people start working out and at first it comes easy. They’re motivated to change their lives and exercise really helps. Then the soreness, boredom and injuries start to set in which will cause

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy

1. Motivation. Together you can motivate each other to get into shape. If one of you is feeling weak (not physically) the stronger one has to pull the weaker one along. This wouldn’t be possible without a buddy. 2. A Guaranteed Spotter. Some exercises will require a spot or help