Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers

There are plenty of reasons why you should and shouldn’t get personal trainers. Being a beginner at the gym can be very confusing. All the machines probably look the same and you don’t know what to workout out today, tomorrow and the day after that.

What They Do

A personal trainer can help you get started with the basic knowledge you need to get into shape. They can show you how to do different exercises and they can also set you up with a routine that will help every muscle in your body. They are a bit pricey but if you only need to setup a routine for yourself one or two sessions can be enough.


Personal trainers are also there to be your motivation. If you are someone that likes to make excuses and never show up to the gym, paying for a personal trainer can be what gets you there.


While there are reasons to get personal trainers there are also reasons why not to get them. Pricing can be an issue. Starting at around $50 per hour, personal trainers are very expensive.

If you have friends, colleagues or web sites (like this one) that you can get information from, use free resources as your first resort and paid resources only after you’ve tried everything else.


Personal trainers have never been known to be the most honest profession. Make sure the one you pay isn’t trying to take your money but actually is interested in helping you.


Many personal trainers only have a certification which is given out after a two or three day coarse. These certifications almost never require a college degree so they might not know more than your neighbor. Always ask them for their certification and research what it actually means. You might be surprised.


If you are leaning on hiring a personal trainer, first try and do it yourself. There is plenty of information available for free wherever you look. On the internet, in the library and even at your gym.

The Bottom Line

There are always people you can ask that will be more than glad to help you and won’t charge you a penny. If you are having a lot of trouble finding that help or getting motivated a personal trainer might be for you.

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