My Gym Sucks

So your gym sucks? A lot of people have this same exact problem and its a tough one. Most places require you sign a contract to join or pay a higher monthly fee if you choose not to. If you signed a contract and you’re having second thoughts, your options

Considerations of a Beginning Exerciser

The hardest part to starting an exercise routine is actually committing yourself to doing so. Once you’re sure that you want to add exercise into your daily life, you have to ask yourself a few questions. How are you going to exercise? When are you going to exercise? Where are

What’s the difference between machines and free weights?

Both machines and free weights can be part of a good resistance training routine. As long as you’re using a weight sufficient to stimulate your muscles to grow, either one will do the job. Machines Beginners should start out with machines. As long as you have the seat height adjusted