How to Join a Gym

The process of joining a gym has the potential to overwhelm you because of the seemingly endless list of considerations you need to make before singing up: hours of operations, available cardio & strength equipment, personal trainers, contract length, joiner’s fees and monthly dues. Once you decide on which features

My Gym Sucks

So your gym sucks? A lot of people have this same exact problem and its a tough one. Most places require you sign a contract to join or pay a higher monthly fee if you choose not to. If you signed a contract and you’re having second thoughts, your options

New Gym Questionnaire – To Help you Find the Best Gym

Printable Gym Questionnaire Joining a gym can be a stressful and hectic experience. Having a list of questions to ask while touring potential gyms will keep you from forgetting what you need to know (use the printable list). While visiting the gyms you’re interested in, you should take notes about

Printable Gym Questionnaire – To Help you Find the Best Gym

  For more information on fitness and exercise, visit “Skip the Lies, go Straight to the Health.” Name of Gym:_________________________ Phone Number: (____) __________________ Hours of Operation Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Group Exercise Classes Do they have classes that you’re interested in? Get a schedule: Are classes

How can I pick the right gym?

Researching a gym before you join is the best way to ensure you won’t get ripped off after you pay. You need to visit, ask questions and try before you buy. Hours Visit the gym during the hours you plan on using it. You have to know how busy it

Picking a Gym

Signing up for a gym membership is a big investment. Not only do you have monthly dues, but there are also joiner fees, contracts and hefty cancellation fees if you decide to leave early. By picking the right gym, you can avoid some of these costs and minimize the chances