What is a good food to eat before bed?

Though most of the visible work needed for a fit body takes place at the gym, the real “magic” happens during rest. Exercise causes damage to muscle tissue which the body repairs during the recovery process. The recovery process is technically what makes you bigger, faster and stronger. This important

Should I avoid meals late in the day?

A piece of advice that you’ll often hear when trying to lose weight is to avoid eating late in the day. For your overall weight, it’s the amount and types of calories that are more important than when you eat them. Calorie Balance Calorie balance (and only calorie balance) dictates

Should I eat less carbs later in the day?

Hey Jeff, While this type of diet does work for some people, I don’t think it is necessary for most of us. Remember, carbohydrates are the main energy molecule for our body, so depriving ourselves of this for the majority of the day can have some deleterious effects. I believe