You Don’t Have to Diet Forever

You Don’t Have to Diet Forever

A lifestyle change means that you’re changing the way you live your life through better nutrition, good exercise and healthy habits. Eating more fruits and vegetables can be a lifestyle change as well as starting to walk, run or exercise everyday. A diet simply means what we eat but in today’s world means restricting your calories to lose weight.

Lifestyle Change

While a lifestyle change should be permanent, diets don’t have to be. Ending a diet the proper way will ensure that you keep all the weight off, stay healthy and never go back to your old and unhealthy ways again.

Maintain Weight

Coming off a diet means that you should add calories back into your food so that you’ll stop losing weight. To figure out how many calories you should eat now that you don’t want your weight to change, use the Calorie Calculator. The amount of calories you burn per day will be the amount of calories that you eat per day.

Another way to maintain weight without adding calories into your diet is to exercise less. If you were trying to lose weight by doing an extra amount of cardio everyday, you can cut back on that exercising. Because there a lot of health benefits that come from doing cardio, completely eliminating it from your routine is a bad idea. Maintaining weight by adding calories is a better option.

The Bottom Line

Remember that even though you are ending your diet, you are still committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle. Adding unhealthy foods to your everyday eating habits isn’t healthy even if you don’t gain weight from them. Having a Twinkie every now and then isn’t horrible for you, but eating junk food too often can bring you back to gaining unwanted weight and having to start a diet all over again.

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