Why does it get harder to lose weight?

Why does it get harder to lose weight?

I have been losing roughly a pound a week. I have now lost 28 lbs. I am finding that it is getting increasingly harder to lose a pound and I am starting to get a bit demotivated. Any suggestions please. Thank you.

First of all, congrats on your weight loss journey so far. It is very difficult to begin, and probably even harder to continue having sustained improvement the way you are. It is hard for me to make specific recommendations without knowing your individual situation, so I will try to make some general ones.

As written in a previous post, weight change can get harder the further you stray from your “usual weight”. While it may be possible to “reset” what your usual weight is, it still will not be easy, and it is very normal to find that you cannot just cruise into the next 20 lbs the way you did for the first 20.

In order to stop losing motivation, community support is essential. This is obviouslydifferent for different people. Community may be your family, your significant other, a walking group in your neighborhood, or even an internet forum. You may gain strength to continue when you have other people to share your ups and downs with.

Also, remember that you don’t need a lifestyle which is 100% devoted to diet and exercise 24/7. This will burn you out and make you resent your journey, which will not be sustainable in the long run.

Weight loss/healthy living are lifestyle changes, not quick fixes. If you feel run down and need a break from the gym for a few days, or if you want to have a pizza dinner with your family….do it guiltlessly, as long as you understand why you are doing it.

Lastly, try to vary your exercise/dieting. There are many resources out there which can give you different workouts/healthy recipes. I personally really like Crossfit (we have no affiliation with them). It is free, and gives a different circuit type workout every day.

So just remember to try and enjoy the process, rather than look towards the end result.

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