newA lot of people’s resolutions fail because the goals they set are unattainable. You can’t change your life around in a matter of weeks, it can takes months and years to do that.

Instead of making your resolution: getting into shape, try: workout three times per week. The second example is more specific and less open ended. If a goal is too broad, you might never feel like you’ve reached it. This will make you feel like you failed and you’ll quit before you reach your goal.

A goal with specific language will help you keep track of results. Another important element to a New Year’s Resolution is having the right attitude. A lot of people start a resolution thinking that change happens quickly and easily when it usually doesn’t. As soon as the change starts to get hard, they slip up and quit.

When you’re looking to change, don’t expect it to go perfectly. Even if you have a bad day or week, don’t wait until next January to start over again. Waiting until your next New Year’s Resolution will make change even harder.

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