What’s a New Year’s Resolution Contract?

What’s a New Year’s Resolution Contract?

A New Year’s Resolution Contract is a tool that can help you achieve your goals. Every year you hear about people wanting to lose weight or get into shape. They go to the gym for about a month and stop well before they’ve reached any of their goals. A contract is a deal you make with yourself.


The first part of it lists your goals. You should fully explain what you intend to do in very precise language. The purpose of this section is to not let yourself interpret your goal to be easier at a later date. For example instead of writing, “lose weight” use, “lose 10 pounds.”


The next part lists how you plan to achieve your goals. Also include a time frame. Doesn’t a famous saying go something like, “A goal without a time frame is just a wish.” If you want to get into shape, will you join a gym, go running or pick up a new sport to play?


Next, you’ll list all the ways you think you’ll sabotage yourself. Be complete and thorough in this section as not to allow yourself to cheat. The last part will list what your rewards will be. This can be anything that doesn’t interfere with your goal. For example, once you reach your goal, buy something nice for yourself.


At the bottom, you need to sign the contract and have a witness sign it with you. Remember that unlike a legal contract, if you break this one, there will be no punishment. If you break it, you’ll only hurt one person.

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