Top 5 Worst & Unhealthiest Breakfasts

Top 5 Worst & Unhealthiest Breakfasts

1. Biscuits. Biscuits are made up of two unhealthy parts. First are the simple carbs (white flour) which are digested quickly. Eating a large amount of these carbs will leave you satisfied for a short period of time. You’ll get hungry very soon and start eating again. Next, biscuits are loaded with saturated (bad) fats. Usually the dough is made with animal fat (lard) and the biscuit is topped with butter.

2. Pork. Pork products have become a staple item for breakfast. You have the bacon, the sausage patty and the sausage link. Anything made from pork is loaded with bad fat and even more calories. One slice of bacon can have 140 calories which is a lot for such a small piece of food. Substitute pork with turkey products which can cut the calories in half.

3. Butter. Butter is loaded with saturated fats. Some alternatives for butter such as margarine can be just as bad. There are alternatives that are healthier. Spreads made out of vegetable oil have just as many calories but instead of saturated fats are loaded with unsaturated (good) fats.

4. Hash Browns. Hash browns do not count as a vegetable group and are basically deep fried potatoes. They’re kind of like fast food french fries which no one would consider healthy.

5. Pancakes and Waffles. Pancakes and waffles are a great source of energy but are high in simple carbohydrates which contain little in the way of vitamins and minerals.

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