Top 5 Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss

Top 5 Ways to Speed Up Weight Loss

1. Have Fun.The most important rule in losing weight quickly is to have fun losing it. If you pick exercises that you enjoy and eat foods that taste good, you’re more likely to stick to your weight loss strategy which will result in faster weight loss. Going down a path that you dread will increase the chances that you will quit your diet before you see any results.

2. Count Calories. One of the most reliable ways to reduce your caloric intake is by measuring food and counting calories. Yes it can be a bit of a pain in the beginning but you will get used to it. The problem with not counting calories is that you will overeat. Most people tend to underestimate their daily intake which results in eating more than planned. Counting calories and measuring food will help you visualize your portions and keep you from overeating.

3. Cut Calories. If you aren’t losing weight very fast (or not losing any at all) your problem is probably eating too many calories. Losing weight is as simple as following one rule: eat less calories than you burn. When you eat less than you burn your body is forced to tap into fat stores for energy which causes weight loss over time.

4. Exercise. If you want to lose weight faster, in addition to eating less, you need to exercise more. If you exercise more, you’ll burn more calories which will create a larger calorie deficit. Don’t only concentrate on cardio as a lot of people do when trying to lose weight. Strength training will increase your muscle mass which will help speed up your metabolism and result in a higher caloric expenditure throughout the day.

5. Don’t Get Hungry. A good way to keep yourself from binging on junk food is not to get hungry. Avoiding hunger is as easy as eating smaller more frequent meals. Instead of eating three large meals, eat smaller ones and snack in between. Avoid sugary foods as they are digested quickly and leave you hungry soon after eating them. Nuts, tuna, cottage cheese, fruits and salads are all great examples of snacks.

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