Top 5 Ways to Reduce Body Fat

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Body Fat

1. Spot Reducing is Impossible. There is no way to pick what part of your body you want the fat to come off of. Whether you have excess body fat in your midsection, thighs or arms, the procedure is exactly the same.

2. Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat. Eating foods that have fat in them will not necessarily make you gain body fat. The only thing that will make you gain excess body fat is excess calories. Carbohydrates and protein can make you gain just as much weight.

3. Diet and Exercise. The only way to lose body fat is a combination of reducing calorie intake through your diet and burning calories with exercise.

4. Sit Ups Don’t Burn Fat. The best exercise to do for reducing body fat percentage isn’t sit ups, crunches or curls. The best exercise is something that will burn a lot of calories such as running, biking, swimming and most team sports.

5. Muscle is Metabolically Active. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. You should include a good strength training routine in your workout to build more muscle that will help you burn even more calories throughout the day.

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