Top 5 Ways to Make a Pizza Healthier

Top 5 Ways to Make a Pizza Healthier

1. Add Vegetables. Since vegetables are low in calories and high in taste, you should use them as your main topping. They’re also high in vitamins, minerals and fiber which make them a very healthy alternative to some meat toppings. Vegetables that go good on a pizza include tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and olives.

2. Cheese. In small amounts, cheese is a healthy food. Since it does contain a high amount of saturated fat, try using less of it or even switching to a part skim variety. When you use too much cheese, the amount of saturated fat gets to unhealthy levels, especially when combined with meat toppings.

3. Chicken and Turkey. If you love meat on your pizza, use chicken orturkey instead of beef or pork which contain high amounts of saturated fat. Poultry contains significantly less fat than most other meats.

4. 100% Whole Wheat Crust. Use a whole wheat crust instead of one made from white flour. Anything made from 100% whole wheat is higher in vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat also contains more fiber which will fill you up quicker meaning you’ll eat less.

5. Salt-Free Flavor. Instead of using salt for flavor, use herbs and other salt free ingredients such as garlic, onion powder, oregano, parsley and rosemary. Since most pizza sauces are made with a huge amount of salt, use tomato paste. Tomato paste is made from only tomatoes and comes in a thick consistency. It contains no salt and even has a good amount of fiber.

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