Top 5 Ways to Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolution

Top 5 Ways to Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’re going to have a New Year’s Resolution, do it right. Here are some ways you can jump into your resolution without making mistakes. Having a solid plan will increase your chances for success.

1. Realize You Will Fail. The most important thing you need to realize before even starting on your resolution is that you will hit a few bumps on your journey. When confronted with these obstacles, most people give up on their resolution entirely. Don’t be that person. If you go off your path for a few days, don’t consider your resolution failed. Think of all the progress you’ve already made and regroup yourself. Keep going until you reach your goal.

2. Plan Ahead of Time. A successful New Year’s Resolution requires a good plan. Before you start buying healthy food or signing up for a gym, write out a plan. How do you plan on accomplishing your goal? How many times per week will you exercise, what foods will you limit yourself to? What happens if you veer off your plan for a few days?

3. Time Frame. Make sure your plan has a time frame (lose 5 pounds in 1 month, shave 1 minute off my mile time). If there’s no time frame, your resolution is more of a wish than a goal. Open ended resolutions end up failing because there’s no end date to strive for. Dates will help you get motivated.

4. Reward Yourself. In your plan, be sure to include ways to reward yourself when you hit certain milestones. If you want to lose 10 pounds, reward yourself when you lose 5 pounds. A day off from the gym, a shopping spree or something else that you’d enjoy. Rewarding yourself for positive steps will help guide you in the right direction.

5. Friends and Family. It’s the New Year and chances are you’re not the only person in your circle of friends and family that has the same resolution. If you team up with one or two other people and make a plan with them, your chances for success will increase.

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