Top 5 Ways to Get More Exercise Without Visiting a Gym

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Top 5 Ways to Get More Exercise Without Visiting a Gym

1. Park Far. Park further from the store. We waste so much time looking for a closer stop. If we had just taken the far spot to begin with, we’d get inside the store faster and burn more calories at the same time.

2. Walk Up the Stairs. Instead of using the elevator, walk up the stairs. If you are walking up a very tall building don’t do it all at once. Set goals for yourself. Try for 10 flights the first week and move up from there.

3. Walk and Talk. Walk and talk at the same time. In an age where cell phones are ubiquitous, there is no longer a reason to sit in front of the TV and talk on the phone. Get up and walk around the house or your neighborhood.

4. Exercise With TV. Do sit ups and pushups in front of the TV. If you have to sit in front of the TV, make your time productive. You can get almost 10 minutes of exercise in a 30 minute show if you work during the commercial breaks. Its not like you watch them.

5. Ride Your Bike. Bike to the store if you are only getting a few things. With the price of gas soaring, you don’t need any other reasons to drive less. If there is a store near your house and you only need a few things, ride your bike there.

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