Top 5 Ways to Get into Shape

Top 5 Ways to Get into Shape

1. Sports. Find a sport that you like. It can be tennis, basketball, football, soccer or anything that you enjoy playing. When you’re having fun, time goes by quickly and you’ll be able to exercise for longer without getting bored. It’s also a great way to meet people that share the same interests as you. Most cities and community centers have leagues you can join with friends or on your own. They match you up with others and organize all the games.

2. Join a Gym. Joining a gym gives you access to plenty of machinery that can help you get into shape. You can start a resistance training program with all the free weights or machines and lose pounds with the treadmills or ellipticals. Group exercise classes are also a good way to get into adopt a puppyshape. There’s a wide variety of classes including Spinning, yoga, Zumba and pilates which will make almost anyone happy.

3. Get a Workout Buddy. Find a friend that wants to get into shape. Exercising with someone makes it easier to stick to a routine. It can be easier to skip a workout if there’s no one that’s counting on you. Having a workout partner will help you stay dedicated and motivated. Other people can also bring new ideas into your routine to keep it fresh and interesting.

4. Adopt a Dog. Adopt a dog that likes to run or take long walks. A dog can be a reliable workout partner since you’ll have to take it out on walks several times per day.

5. Get a Bike. Get a bike and start using it to run errands. It’ll save you money but more importantly will have you exercising when you’d normally be sitting in a car.

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