Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Have a Six Pack

Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Have a Six Pack

1. High Body Fat Percentage. Having a nice set of abs is dependent on a low body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage is too high, you can do all the sit ups, crunches and leg lifts in the world, but you’ll never get your abs to show. This is because those exercises do a lot to build muscle but do very little to burn fat. If you have a nice set of abs covered by a big layer of fat, your six pack will remain hidden.

2. Eating Too Much. Eating too many calories is the main reason your body builds fat stores. If you take in more energy than you burn, your body will store that excess in the form of fat all around your body. Your goal when trying to get your abs to show is to burn off that layer of fat. To do this, you need to burn more calories than you take in. This way, your body is forced to draw on its fat stores for energy and eventually, your body fat percentage will start to decrease.

3. Not Enough Cardio. Not doing enough cardio can hinder your efforts to get a nice six pack. Cardio burns a large amount of calories which will help you achieve a calorie deficit (burning more calories than you eat). If you have a lot of extra weight, you should focus your energy on doing cardio rather than hundreds of sit ups.

4. Too Much Sugar. Too much sugar is bad if you’re trying to get a nice set of abs. Sugar is digested very quickly and moves through your system in a short amount of time. The result is that after ingesting a large amount of sugar, you’ll have a lot of energy “floating” around in your body. If you don’t burn this energy off right away, your body will begin to store it as fat for later use .Rather than eating foods that are high in sugar, choose foods that are made from complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat, oats, fruits and vegetables. These foods are digested a lot slower and give your body a slow release of energy so you don’t have to immediately burn it off.

5. Large Meals. If you eat meals that are too large, you’ll have a huge amount of calories entering your system. If you don’t burn those calories off in a timely manner, your body will store them as fat. Instead of a few large meals each day, have more frequent but smaller meals including snacks.

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