Top 5 Reasons to Exercise

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise

1. Health Benefits. Exercising makes you healthier and stronger. It lowers blood pressure, resting heart rate and cholesterol. This gives you the ability to do daily chores such as mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage without getting tired and out of breath.

2. Makes You Happy. Research has shown that exercising makes you happy. It goes beyond feeling good about what you just did, it has to do with chemicals released when you exercise. If you’re feeling down, try starting a daily exercise routine.

3. More Disease Free Years. Exercising doesn’t necessarily make you live longer but it does extend the disease free yearsof your life. In effect you’ll stay younger for longer. You always hear people talking about how they don’t want to live the last years of their lives because they’re the worst. With exercise, those last years won’t be the worst anymore.

4. Increases Function. In the older population, exercising helps slow down bone deterioration and can even reverse it. By exercising, you actually increase bone density and lower the risk of life threatening accidents as you age. Imagine not being able to lift simple items such as a gallon of milk. Exercise can help older people remain independent.

5. Makes You Look Great. Everyone wants to look great and exercise helps you achieve that goal. It lowers your body fat percentage and increases muscle tone which will make you look great for those beach days.

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