Top 5 Reasons to be Healthy

Top 5 Reasons to be Healthy

1. Feel Better. When you eat the right foods and avoid junk, you’ll feel better. If you’ve ever been on the road, away from your healthy diet for an extended period of time, you know what eating bad food over and over feels like. You get stomach aches from all the grease and headaches from the sugar. Eating healthy, fresh and homemade meals will go a long way to making you feel a lot better. Exercising can also make you feel better. When you workout, your brain releases chemicals that actually make you happy.

2. Feel Energetic. When you eat healthy and exercise, you’ll feel a lot more energetic. Eating foods that are high in sugar will give you an initial sugar rush followed by a crash that is characterized by a feeling of extreme sleepiness. Sugar is digested and absorbed very quickly. When you eat a lot of sugar, your body is inundated with it in a very short period of time. Since having too much sugar hanging around is unhealthy, your body will overcompensate to get rid of the excess sugar quickly. This overcompensation is what causes the crash. Exercising will also put you in better shape so that you don’t get tired after doing simple everyday tasks such as walking up the stairs or going grocery shopping.

3. Look Good. If you eat a healthy and balanced diet while exercising, you’ll probably look better than the average person who eats junk and sits on their couch all day long. Having a diet that isn’t packed with way too many calories will keep you within your ideal weight and exercising will give you a toned body that you can be proud to show off at the beach, pool or anywhere else.

4. Disease Free Years. Eating healthy and exercising will give you more disease free years of life. Certain foods and a moderate amount of exercise have been shown to prevent conditions and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart disease. Your retirement years should be filled with fun activities, grandchildren and spending your time as you see fit. Just like you save money for retirement, you should invest in your health so you don’t have to sit in the hospital waiting room during your golden years.

5. Doctors Aren’t Fun. There are no health problems that are fun to deal with. You have to go see the doctor, take medicine, have expensive tests done on you, needles, surgeries and the list can go on and on for quite some time. Most of us take our good health for granted until we don’t have it anymore. A little effort early on in life will pay huge dividends later on.

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