Top 5 Ingredients of a Weight Gain Protein Shake

Top 5 Ingredients of a Weight Gain Protein Shake

1. Bananas. Bananas contain a high amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber and most importantly, flavor. They are a great addition to your post workout shake and to have as a snack throughout the day.

2. Honey. Honey is not only high in sugar, which is excellent for a post workout shake, but is also high in antioxidants which can protect you from a variety of diseases. The sugar will help your body replace glycogen stores that were burned during exercise.

3. Chocolate Milk. Chocolate milk has been shown, in some studies, to help athletes recover from a workout better than any other protein/carbohydrate combination. You can drink it alone or add it into your shake instead of regular milk.

4. Ice Cream. While ice cream doesn’t have any antioxidants it is loaded with calories which is essential for gaining weight. It also adds consistency and flavor to any drink.

5. Frozen Fruits. Frozen fruits are high in nutrients, flavor and sugar and are a lot cheaper than fresh produce.

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