Top 5 Healthy Fast Foods

Top 5 Healthy Fast Foods

1. Chicken. Chicken usually beats anything made out of beef. If they are cooked the same way, chicken will pretty much always have a lower saturated fat and calorie content than beef.

2. Avoid Fried Foods. The fast food industry is famous for its deep fried options. Try avoiding these foods as much as you can. Anything that is grilled or baked will be healthier than something that is battered and deep fried. When a food is deep fried, it absorbs much of the fat that is used to cook it. This sometimes adds enough fat to one meal that can satisfy an entire’s day worth of fat needs. Most restaurants now have nutrition information which you should check out before eating anything.

3. Sandwiches. Deli foods are typically made with fresh ingredients and are lower in fat and overall calories than hamburgers, pizzas and other popular fast food choices. A sandwich made one whole wheat bread that is loaded with tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers in addition to meat and cheese will fill you up just like a hamburger but will be a lot healthier.

4. No Soda. If you’re going to get the unhealthy meal, try and avoid the sodas that come in a value meal. Instead, try water, fruit juice (made from real fruit) or milk. These are all much high in nutrients that a soda.

5. Sides. Stop getting french fries as your side in a value meal. You can now get healthy alternatives such as a backed potato, piece of fruit or even a salad instead of french fries. These healthier sides have more nutrients and a lot less calories.

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