Top 5 Foods to Eat For a Beach Body

Top 5 Foods to Eat For a Beach Body

1. Fruits. To help your body more efficiently use the energy you take in, you need to eat smaller, more frequent meals. You also need to eat snacks between meals so you don’t get hungry and end up binging on junk food. Fruit are great intra-meal snacks because they are high in fiber and nutrients. Fiber increases digestion time to give you a slow energy release and make sure your body doesn’t store any of the food as fat. Fat storage happens when you eat a food that is digested quickly and don’t burn up that energy right away.

2. Vegetables. Vegetables, like fruit are high in fiber but much lower in calories. They slow digestion so they are great to eat with your main meals. Salads fill you up so you eat less and because they slow down digestion, your body will be less likely to stare the meal as fat.

3. Sandwiches. Sandwiches are great meals if made properly. While white bread may taste good but it isn’t healthy compared to whole wheat bread. During the process that makes white bread, all the fiber and some of the nutrients are stripped out to improve the flavor and texture. Whole wheat bread made from 100% whole wheat flour keeps all the fiber and nutrients so you have a slower digestion time which keeps you full.

4. Avoid Soda. Replace all the liquid calories you take in from soda, sweet tea and juice with water. Water contains no calories so replacing all those drinks will help you lose weight. Drinks that are made mostly from sugar will not help you get a ripped summer body. The sugar is digested quickly and if the energy isn’t used up right away, will be stored as fat in your midsection, thighs and hips.

5. Cook. Start cooking your own food. Homemade food is almost always healthier than any restaurant. You can use whole wheat or brown ingredients (whole wheat flour, pasta, brown rice), fresh vegetables versus canned ones usually used in the food industry and you know how many calories you’re taking in which is important if you’re trying to get a lean body for the summer.

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