Top 5 Foods to Avoid for a Perfect Beach Body

Top 5 Foods to Avoid for a Perfect Beach Body

1. Large Meals. Avoid eating large meals. Eating small meals will allow your body to make more efficient use of the energy you provide it. Eating large meals will force your body to store energy that isn’t used as body fat leading to weight gain. If you eat small and frequent meals, you’ll be able to burn off the energy they provide right away and avoid excess fat storage.

2. Fat. While eating fat doesn’t automatically make you fat, fat is an energy dense macronutrient meaning it has a high amount of calories per gram (9 calories per gram), more than double what an equal weight of carbs or protein provide. Because of this, you should limit your intake of foods that are high in fat. Eating 100 grams of a fatty food will have more calories than 100 grams of a food made mostly of carbs or protein. Since fat does come in healthy (unsaturated) and unhealthy (saturated) varieties, you should also limit your intake of bad fats more than your intake of good fats.

3. Sugar. Foods that are high in sugar are digested quickly which will give your body a huge amount of energy in a short period of time. If you don’t burn this energy off right away, your body will store it as fat for later use. Limit the amount of sugar you get from sources such as candy, chocolate and soda. Fruit also contain a high amount of sugar but because they are high in fiber, are absorbed a lot slower than junk food. This slower absorption allows for a steady supply of energy that won’t get converted to fat as easily.

4. Foods Low in Fiber. Foods that are low in fiber are digested very quickly which is bad for two reasons. As with foods that are high in sugar, anything digested quickly will leave you with a large amount of energy that needs to be used right away. If you let the energy stick around for too long, it will be stored as fat. Foods that are digested quickly will also leave you hungry in a short amount of time. Since that meal will leave your stomach rapidly, you will find yourself eating again soon and increasing your calorie intake. Avoid processed foods and white flours. The fiber in these foods has been removed to improve the taste and texture.

5. Liquid Calories. Liquid calories are even worse than solid foods that are high in sugar. Liquid calories that are mainly only sugar are digested even quicker than junk food such as candy or chocolate. Liquids such as sweet tea, soda and fruit juices will leave your stomach as quickly as water does. They do nothing to fill you up and contain very few nutrients. They will lead to weight gain and increased fat storage.

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