1. Eggs. Eggs have a large amount of high quality protein. They can be prepared in many different ways (some healthier than others – boiling versus frying) to satisfy just about anyone. A good way to eat eggs is by boiling them and keeping a good supply in your refrigerator. They can be used as good snack foods later on with very little effort. While you may be tempted to drink raw eggs (think Rocky) this is an unhealthy practice that can get you sick. Boiling them ahead of time is a much better option.

2. Fruit Juices. Juices are easy to drink even if you’re full. They’re a good way to add calories to any meal. You should check the nutrition label to see if what you’re drinking is fruit flavored high fructose corn syrup or real fruit juice which will also supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need. Check the nutrition label and make sure that the fruit juice you’re drinking has no added sugar.

3. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast foods. It’s made up of mostly complex carbohydrates which will give you a steady supply of energy. Unlike sugar, complex carbs won’t give you a rush and crash because they are digested and absorbed a lot slower. Oatmeal also contains plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

4. Bread. Take those eggs and eat them with some toasted bread with butter. Bread made from 100% whole wheat flour will give you a steady supply of energy just like oatmeal. Avoid bread that’s made from white flour as most of the fiber and nutrients are stripped out during processing. Check the nutrition label to make sure it’s made from 100% whole wheat flour.

5. Protein Shakes. Shakes are high in flavor, calories and protein. Like other drinks, they’re fairly easy to take down even if you’re full. They’re a great way to add calories to your breakfast or any other meal. Add some fruit to give yourself a shot of vitamins and minerals along with some extra healthy calories.

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