Things That Annoy Me – #2: Weekend-Guilt Gym Traffic

Things That Annoy Me – #2: Weekend-Guilt Gym Traffic

I love going to the gym and I love seeing people take up a lifestyle high in physical activity. The part annoying me is how traffic inside the typical gym is heavily skewed towards the beginning of the week, specifically Mondays through Wednesdays. The first few days of the week remind me of how packed gyms get right after the New Year, except instead of having to deal with the New Year traffic for a month, the Monday-Wednesday weekend guilt crowd clogs up the gym every single week without pause.

Why It’s Annoying

If you buy a gym membership, you have the right to go everyday or only twice a week. “Exercisers” who only workout at the beginning of the week are clogging up the gym for everyone else. It’s extremely annoying when the gym is filled with people who aren’t really serious about fitness.

weekly gym motivation level

It would be 100% OK if the gym was filled with people who genuinely wanted to workout and improve their overall health. This uplifts the entire gym. It motivates and creates an environment in which everyone is striving to improve. Instead, the weekend guilt crowd only uses the gym to make themselves feel better about leading an unhealthy weekend lifestyle.


Inconsistency kills progress. Whether you want to gain muscle, burn fat or improve endurance, working out Monday-Wednesday is only a starting point. It’s not good enough if you want to keep progressing towards new goals.

Weekend Guilt

If you only visit the gym because of what you did over the weekend, you need to make changes and fix consistently unhealthy habits. A few days in the gym does not fix the damage caused after consuming copious amounts of alcohol, smoking a few packs of cigarettes and eating junk food all week long. Exercise has plenty of benefits, but it can’t negate an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Bottom Line

Use the gym for its true purpose: improving overall health. If you’re only going to the gym to erase weekend guilt, you need to change unhealthy habits in order to truly improve overall health. A healthy lifestyle is taking the right steps most of the time so you can indulge some of the time, not the other way around.

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