Holiday Weight Gain

The Holiday Season isn’t known for the healthy environment it creates. Three plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing, plus dessert has to go somewhere. Surely these calorie dense options lead to weight gain, but is unwanted holiday weight gain really as big of a problem as everyone makes it

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Calories During the Holidays

If there’s one thing the Holidays are known for, it’s amazing food. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, pies and eggnog are just some of the irresistible delicacies. As always, it seems the better the food, the higher the calorie content. If you’re trying to keep calorie intake at a somewhat reasonable

Top 5 Ways to Exercise During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with friends and family while eating some delicious food. Unfortunately, physical activity and healthy eating are placed pretty far down the list of priorities. Here are a few simple ways you can incorporate exercise into the Thanksgiving Holiday while still spending time with those

Turkey Cook Time Calculator

How much does the turkey weigh? pounds This calculator tells you how much time is needed to properly cook a turkey. Simply enter the weight of your turkey in pounds and click calculate. A stuffed turkey requires about 15 minutes per pound while unstuffed turkeys require 12-15 minutes per pound.

Top 5 Healthy Holiday Foods

The Holiday Season is known for family, friends, cold weather and delicious though sometimes unhealthy food. Luckily, delicious doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. Keeping healthy habits alive during the Holiday Months is crucial in continuing a well balanced lifestyle. The Holidays make it too easy to drop healthy habits in

Top 5 Ways to Safely Handle Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to safely handle your leftovers. Simply thawing and cooking your turkey properly will not necessarily mean that leftovers are safe. Only proper handling and storing will ensure that your leftovers stay safe to eat for days to come. 1. Don’t Leave Them Out.

Healthy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

There’s no rule saying Thanksgiving has to be unhealthy, it simply has to be delicious. The centerpiece of most Thanksgiving Meals starts with the Turkey. Though the turkey on its own is relatively healthy, there are a few tweaks to make the meal even better. Ingredients properly thawed turkey olive

How to Cook a Turkey

A tasty turkey is the centerpiece of most Holiday meals, which is why it’s especially important for you to learn how to properly cook one. Perfecting turkey cooking technique turns you into a Holiday Master Chef for a few days each year. This step by step guide walks you through

The Holiday Exercise Routine

p>The holidays, particularly Christmas and Thanksgiving are associated with an abundance of food. People typically gain a few pounds during the holidays and the only ways of stopping this is to eat less (which is hard with all that food staring at you) or to burn it off through exercise.

How to Thaw a Turkey

Making a healthy Thanksgiving Turkey is more complicated than adding salt and setting the oven. You can’t simply “set it and forget it.” The holiday season brings about an increased risk of food bourne illness partially due to overlooking simple food safety rules. Improperly thawing a turkey needlessly puts the