Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

1. Gaining Muscle. When you’re trying to lose weight, a phrase you might hear is, “you’re not losing weight because you’re gaining muscle from all that working out.” Most people want to believe this because it sounds so nice. Burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time is basically

Starvation Mode

The basics of losing weight are fairly simple and can be summed up in one simple phrase: eat less, move more. If you do nothing but take the advice found in that phrase, you will lose weight. Unfortunately, some people take that advice to an extreme and suffer some unforeseen

Top 5 Diet Myths

Looking for accurate information on losing weight can be tough. There are companies trying to sell you their magic formulas, authors trying to get you to read the latest fad and people with good intentions who just don’t know what they’re talking about. Here are some of the most common

What are the worst diets?

There are so many diets that it’s hard to separate which work and which don’t. You can choose to go low carb, low fat, only fruits, only lemonade, detox and the list goes on for a long time. All diets work off of the same principle: if the calories you