How to Burn Fat

Creating a more toned, defined and ripped look is the pinnacle of fitness. Companies have created pills, creams and even electro-shocking ab belts to help you reach your potential. Burning fat to create a better looking body is easy and involves proper diet and exercise. Stop wasting money on solutions


Toning is an often misunderstood concept. Most people know what toning is but get confused when trying to achieve it. Toning is simply increasing muscle definition by burning fat. Exercise and diet play an important role and ignoring either will delay any results. Body Fat Percentage The amount of muscle

What is spot reducing?

The term spot reducing refers to burning fat stores from a specific area of the body (for example: abs, hips or arms). The body stores fat in response to a combination of too many calories and not enough physical activity. It begins to burn fat when the opposite happens. The

Reduce Body Fat Through Exercise

Exercise and nutrition both play a very important role in the amount of fat stored in your body. Not all exercising will reduce your body fat equally. The type, duration and intensity of your routine will determine how effectively you lower your body fat percentage. Spot Reducing The most important

Abs Exercise Routine

Your abdominal muscles are the same as any other muscles in your body. They work similarly to your biceps, triceps and hamstrings, so why is it that we treat them so differently? Abs cover a large part of your body and a well defined midsection says, “I’m in shape.” Midsection

The Best Ways to Stay Fat at the Gym

Too often, people go to the gym without a plan. They pick up the most ineffective routines, do the worst exercises and hope to get results overnight. Though it’s true that going to the gym and taking all the wrong steps is a lot better than doing nothing at all,

Spot Reducing

Achieving a toned and chiseled look is pretty much everyone’s dream. Who doesn’t want to have a perfect beach body all year round? Getting this look requires a low body fat percentage which is too often a misunderstood process. Hours spent doing sit ups, using topical creams and taking pills

Love Handles Workout

Love handles form when your body stores energy as fat above your hips. To get rid of them you will need to burn this fat by doing exercise that uses a lot of calories. When you have an excessive amount of fat anywhere on your body, exercising that particular area