How to Join a Gym

The process of joining a gym has the potential to overwhelm you because of the seemingly endless list of considerations you need to make before singing up: hours of operations, available cardio & strength equipment, personal trainers, contract length, joiner’s fees and monthly dues. Once you decide on which features

Why are healthy foods expensive?

In our society, healthy choices are sometimes a lot harder to make than unhealthy ones: going to the gym vs. staying home, ordering a salad vs. french fries or buying healthy groceries vs. unhealthy ones. Healthy groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and 100% whole wheat products

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

1. In Season Produce Fresh fruit and vegetables, the foods that should be in everyone’s diet can sometimes be very expensive. A way to minimize the cost is by buying in season. When a fruit or vegetable is out of season, the extra cost of transporting and storing them combined

Gas Saving Calculator

With high gas prices here to stay, there has never been a better time to ditch your car and pick up a good bike, pair of running shoes or even a set of roller blades. Getting to work, the gym or a grocery store without using your gas guzzler can

Top 5 Ways to Eat Healthy During a Recession

1. Generic Brands. Ditch all the brand name items you buy. Nationally recognized brands are almost always more expensive than generic store brands. There’s usually a small difference in taste but with the money you’re saving, you’ll get used to it. The reason why brand named items are more expensive