Is saturated fat unhealthy?

saturated fat

Saturated Fat Saturated fat is known as the unhealthy or “bad” fat. Coconut oil has given saturated fat a makeover in recent years and many openly doubt the negative health effects associated with saturated fat.┬áSome even go as far as touting it for its potential health benefits. What is fat?

How much fat should I eat each day?

saturated faMyths perpetuated over long periods of time eventually become accepted as fact. One of the most prevalent diet myths says eating fat makes you fat. Fat has plenty of important functions, many of which are essential to life. Drastically reducing or attempting to eliminate your intake of fat can

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Fat Intake

Fat is an essential macronutrient used in the body for energy. Because the word fat is used to describe unsightly weight as well as a nutrient, it is wrongly blamed for weight gain. While eating fat does not necessarily make you fat, there are certain types of unhealthy fats you

What is fat?

saturated fat

Dietary fat is one of the nutrients that fuels the body. Unlike carbs and protein which give the body 4 calories per gram, fat is more than twice as energy dense, providing the body with 9 calories per gram. Though fat is associated with greasy foods such as hamburgers and


saturated fat

Dietary fat is one of the three macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) the body uses for energy. It is the most energy dense of the macronutrients, providing 9 calories per gram, compared to 4 calories per gram for carbs and proteins. Contrary to popular belief, eating fat does not makes

Are fats healthy?

When you think of the word ‘fat’ one of the first images that might come to mind is unsightly and unwanted weight. Because of this association, some people eliminate all fats from their diets in an attempt to lose weight. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat and avoiding all fats