Top 5 Ways to Get Stronger

Strength comes from three main areas: healthy diet practices, solid workout routines and genetics. Since you can’t change your genetics, diet and exercise are the two areas that need attention. Through proper exercise, nutrition and supplementation, getting stronger is a very straightforward process. 1. Exercise. Your body strengthens muscles in

Top 5 Ways to Increase Exercise Intensity

Exercise is a structured way of providing a stimulus to the body in order to improve mobility, increase strength & endurance, decrease disease risk and improve overall wellness. The threshold of what constitutes exercise differs from person to person and depends on factors such as fitness level, age, weight, health

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press

1. Keep a Workout Journal. A workout journal is the only way to make sure that your bench press is improving. Each week you should be writing down the amount of weight you’re pushing and repetitions you’ve completed for each set. Note how many repetitions you were able to do

What is the best post workout meal?

Post workout meals deliver the proper nutrients to the muscle in a timely manner in order to help the body start the recovery process quickly. A good post workout meal will help you get stronger, gain more muscle and improve your overall fitness level. Effects of Exercise on Muscle Tissue

Benefits of a Protein Shake

Protein shakes are associated with meat heads, body builders and gym rats. You don’t need to fall into any of those categories to drink or benefit from one. Protein shakes can help you gain muscle, increase your strength and get you into shape. In some cases, drinking a protein shake

Top 5 Signs You’re Working Out too Much

Exercise has plenty of health benefits including lower blood pressure, increased muscle mass and higher bone density. If some exercise is good, a lot of exercise must be even better, right? Wrong. While some exercise is good, too much physical activity can lead to weakness, injuries and excessive soreness. 1.

Secrets of Diet/Exercise – Secret #5: There’s no Such Thing as the ‘Best’ Exercise Routine

Best is defined as, “the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality” and when it comes to working out, everyone thinks their approach is the most excellent or effective. With an almost endless amount of workout routines to choose from, one of them has to be the best, right?

How much exercise is too much?

Every single person is different. Some can tolerate more exercise than others so making one rule for everyone is close to impossible. Most guidelines recommend at least 3 days of exercise per week and not more than five or six. Getting Stronger When you exercise, you cause quite a bit


Becoming active is a positive step that will improve your health and the way you look. Even exercising as little as two days per week will yield results. If working out two days per week is good, then going six or seven days should be even better. Unfortunately it doesn’t

Making Your Workout More Effective

Exercising is about meeting an end goal. Whether you want to look better, lose weight or gain muscle, physical activity can help get you there. Unfortunately, some people think that reaching their goal is as easy as showing up to the gym and going home. There are some steps you