How long does it take to lose weight?

Losing weight can sometimes be a long process. The more weight you want to lose, the longer it’ll take to reach your goal. The problem is that no one wants to go through the whole process so they find shortcuts to try and make the ordeal of dieting and exercising

Top 5 Reasons Losing Weight Quickly is Unhealthy

Losing weight quickly is unhealthy for a number of reasons; quick weight loss is unlikely to stick for a long period of time, you’re much less likely to take in 100% of the nutrients your body needs each day, and your energy levels will plummet, impacting many areas of your

Starvation Mode

The basics of losing weight are fairly simple and can be summed up in one simple phrase: eat less, move more. If you do nothing but take the advice found in that phrase, you will lose weight. Unfortunately, some people take that advice to an extreme and suffer some unforeseen

Faster Weight Loss

The amount of time it takes to lose weight is controlled by both internal and external factors. Internal factors are those that you have direct influence over such as food choices and physical activity while external factors are a lot harder if not impossible to change. Diet and Exercise Diet

The Best Way to Lose Weight: Slowly

We all want to lose weight for different reasons: a wedding, party, beach trip or just to be healthy. Whatever our motivation, trying to lose weight quickly is always tempting. Why only lose a healthy 1-2 pounds per week when you can work harder and lose double or even triple

Why Crash Diets Don’t Work

Going to a wedding, prom, party or the beach? Need to lose weight quickly? Does this sound like an advertisement for a diet that doesn’t work yet? If you’ve ever read a diet that promised quick results in time for a big occasion, it probably doesn’t work. These diets, also