Top 5 Signs You’re Working Out too Much

Exercise has plenty of health benefits including lower blood pressure, increased muscle mass and higher bone density. If some exercise is good, a lot of exercise must be even better, right? Wrong. While some exercise is good, too much physical activity can lead to weakness, injuries and excessive soreness. 1.

How often should I change my workout?

To get bigger and stronger, you need to stimulate your muscles through exercise. It’s not so much the exercise that makes your muscles grow (although exercise is needed), it’s the change from doing nothing to forcing your muscles to work that causes them to respond. Change If you keep doing

Do weight loss plateaus happen?

Is it true that you can reach a point in a diet plan that the body stops losing weight and you have to increase exercise to get past the plateau? -Larry D. Larry, there is definitely a point where you may need to begin exercising in order to live a

Exercise Plateaus

When you first start an exercise routine, you’ll find that you improve rather quickly. Your mile time decreases and you start lifting more weights. Sooner or later this levels off and you reach a plateau. Your times and weights will start to stagnate. As you exercise, your body becomes used