How to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a straightforward process. As long as you follow a simple rule, failing becomes impossible. As long as the amount of calories you’re eating is less than the amount you’re burning each day, the weight will come off. Though at times, living by this rule can be difficult,

Exercise and the Elderly – Benefits and Recommendations

Everyone benefits from physical activity: young, old, fat, skinny, healthy and sick. While younger individuals tend to ignore health benefits in favor of the aesthetic nature of exercise, physical activity has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life for the elderly population. From increased mobility and independence to

How do you burn calories?

The basic answer: physical activity and exercise burns calories. There are many different types of exercise. Incorporating all of them into your daily routine will create a well rounded workout that will help you reach your fitness goals. Weight Balance Your weight is determined by the relationship between how many

Gas Saving Calculator

With high gas prices here to stay, there has never been a better time to ditch your car and pick up a good bike, pair of running shoes or even a set of roller blades. Getting to work, the gym or a grocery store without using your gas guzzler can

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise

1. Health Benefits. Exercising makes you healthier and stronger. It lowers blood pressure, resting heart rate and cholesterol. This gives you the ability to do daily chores such as mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage without getting tired and out of breath. 2. Makes You Happy. Research has