Top 5 Signs You’re Working Out too Much

Exercise has plenty of health benefits including lower blood pressure, increased muscle mass and higher bone density. If some exercise is good, a lot of exercise must be even better, right? Wrong. While some exercise is good, too much physical activity can lead to weakness, injuries and excessive soreness. 1.


Becoming active is a positive step that will improve your health and the way you look. Even exercising as little as two days per week will yield results. If working out two days per week is good, then going six or seven days should be even better. Unfortunately it doesn’t

Is being sore from a workout good?

There are two types of sore: good and bad. A bad sore is the feeling you get when you’ve seriously injured yourself and it hurts to move. Its a lot different than a good sore which comes after a hard workout. You can still move, but you do feel some